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KVGS Committees

One of the reasons KVGS is such an active society is because of the wide range activities and benefits active members can experience.  We have a wide range areas that are supported by dedicated volunteers for the benefit of our members.

Archives and Special Collections

Pam Jobin 269.649.4661

County Clerk's Office Volunteers

Wayne Loney 269.664.5982

Education (Skill Sessions)

Mary Hodges  

Federation of Genealogical Societies

(Annual appointment by Board)  


Selma Comstock 269.268.4267

Michigan Genealogical Council - Delegates

Jim Jackson 269.288.1655
Jim Hodges  


Sue Pawlak  


Kristi Burns  


Kristi Burns  

Refreshments & Hospitality

Kay Horton 269.327.4906

Research Services

Joe Ferrara 269.521.4355

Special Projects

Tom Wrench 269.209.3173


Tom Wrench 269.209.3173



Do you have questions?  Contact us at mikvgs@yahoo.com


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