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Kalamazoo County "Poor Farm" Burials

Kalamazoo County House

On 19 February 1849, Kalamazoo County purchased 173 acres of land in Comstock Township just west of Galesburg for the purpose of establishing a Poor Farm.  The Poor Farm existed on that site until 1971, when the last residents were relocated.  The large house there was torn down in 1974, and the grounds were converted into Rivers Oaks County Park.

Genealogists have long known that the Poor Farm maintained its own cemetery.  However, only one burial had been identified there, from the inscription on a tombstone that was still standing in 1948.

KVGS has recently compiled a
list of burials at the Poor Farm as a result of transcribing the records from two Poor Farm ledgers, dated 1885-1941.  One additional burial was obtained from Comstock Township death records.

KVGS feels that more burials may be identified in the future, as we investigate additional documents.  List is in last name order.

For more information on the Kalamazoo County Poor Farm and Cemetery, please contact
Sue Sanders.

Poor Farm Burials

Baby (Unknown) Baby Dohm John Mcdonald John Smith
Mathew Albert John W. Downey Edd Mcgann Miles H. Stebbins
Michal Allion Thos. W. Flanders Thomas Monroe Cyrus Stewart
Fred Beeby Richard Flint John Munger Ray Stratton
Otto Benke Albert Hicks Mariah Nesbitt Charles Tando
Susan Billington Senicka Hicks Baby Newton Christfor Tenhagen
John Brate Jennie Hill Edwin Norton Sally Todd
George Briggs Jonas Hodgskins D. O’Connor Jacob Ulum
Daton Case Millie Kane Alfred J. Opah Rebekah Waldon
Wm. R. Collins John Koole Thomas Punchon Nancy Ward
Cash Crannell Stella Lamb Robert Purcill Sarah Woods
Hattie Crawford Anna Lawray Jack Rogers

Use the KVGS Historical Records Database Search tool to learn more about each person buried at the Kalamazoo County "Poor Farm".

47 Records


From two Poor Farm ledgers, dated 1885-1941.
One additional burial was obtained from Comstock Township death records.


By Sue Sanders.


By Karen Kott.

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