Search Tips

To help you find the records you are looking for, enter into the search field the exact data that you are looking for.  You don't have to enter the entire information (i.e. Last Name), you can enter just part of the name.  Here are some examples:

Keying "joh" (without the quote marks) will list the records for "Johns", "Johnson", "Johansson", etc.
Keying "dr" will result in "Aldrich", "Andrews", "Draper", etc.
To search a name that begins with, as an example "Smith", place a blank space in front so that it reads " Smith".  This will find all records that begin with "Smith".
To search for deaths or census records for a particular surname, enter the surname in the Last Name field and "deaths" or "census" in the Keyword field.

The use of wildcards (*) and placeholders (?), are not needed.