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Mentoring Program

Do you see yourself described below, with maybe some specifics changed?

Are you a beginning genealogist, who has no filing system whatsoever?
We can match you with an experienced genealogist who knows how to organize things!
Do you have a German birth record that you can’t decipher?
We can find you a translator!
Are you lost in Connecticut?
We know someone who knows Connecticut inside and out!
Are you a frustrated Family Tree Maker user?
We can sit you down with an expert.

The KVGS Mentor-Mentee program is simple:  the mentor has certain areas of expertise, and the mentee needs help.  This is not a long-term commitment, nor does it imply that the mentor will do the mentee’s research!  Communication can be by phone, email, or in person.

If you contact Sue Sanders, she will try to find a “match” for you so you can either share your area of expertise or get help.  This mentoring idea is used in many other genealogical societies.  It’s a great way to share our knowledge, and also to meet new people.  You can be both a mentor and mentee at the same time!  Let’s share our knowledge, and ask for help when we need it.

Please contact Sue Sanders with your areas of expertise or an area where you need help, and I will try to find you a match!  Out-of-town KVGS members are welcome!


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