Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society
Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society -- Kalamazoo, MI
The official depository for retired Society records is Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collection, now housed at the Zhang Legacy Collection on WMU’s campus near Oakland Drive and Howard Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  This policy was originally written in 1999 after donating all KVGS library materials, newsletters, etc., to the Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collection. This updated version was created  March 4, 2020 by Board approval.
Society records are housed in Collection A-798 at the Archives.
Computers and technological changes have made a difference in how records are retained and what is retained.  There are no longer cancelled checks and hand-written minutes and other records.  This updated retention policy notes those changes. However, the Archives prefers paper copies of all records.  So, even though KVGS utilizes electronic record keeping, all documents that go to the Archives will be in printed format. All items are kept permanently unless otherwise noted.
The KVGS President, at the end of each two-year term, is responsible for updating what is held at the Archives or appointing someone else to do so.  Items are retained or discarded according to this Retention Policy.
Bylaws: Two copies each, as revised.
General Meeting Minutes and Board Meeting Minutes: One copy of all minutes.  The secretary should abstract any outstanding actions to act as a topical index for each year.  A copy of the abstract remains with the secretary’s materials to be passed on to the next secretary.
Correspondence: General correspondence is retained for three years at the Archives.  If Board action was required, the secretary should file a copy with the current minutes.
Treasurer’s Records: The treasurer retains the immediate past year fiscal files for one year.  At the end of the current fiscal  year, the prior year fiscal records go to the Archives: 1) audit letter, 2) annual financial summary page, 3) monthly treasurer reports, 4) transaction list in chronological order, 5) transaction list by category, 6) vouchers with invoices or receipts, 7) bank statements and check register.
Treasurer materials retained five (5) years: bank statements, reconciliation, and check register; vouchers with invoices and receipts.  Treasurer materials retained permanently: Audit letter, annual financial summary page, monthly treasurer reports, transactions (chronological and by category).
In addition, the treasurer forwards these items to be retained permanently in other places in A-798: 1) annual certificate of incorporation, 2) any state or federal tax returns or records, 3) EIN allotment letter, 4) IRS determination letter, 5) acquisitions list.
Special Projects: All records with chair until complete then deposited into A-798 and filed by project name.
Serial Publications (Newsletters or quarterly publications): one printed copy to be deposited in
Special Publications: One copy to be deposited in A-798.
Membership Lists (each year’s full list as of April 1 or mailing list as substitute): one copy
Acquisitions (donated or purchased): Treasurer keeps a list and also sends a copy to A-798.