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We serve historians and genealogists who are interested in the Kalamazoo River Valley region - and around the world, too.  Join us!

President's Message

I hope you were able to attend the Genealogy Day at KPL on Saturday, June 22.  There were 60 people present!  Ten KVGS members helped with research for about 45 members of the public.  I hope we see some of them as future KVGS members.
Our next program will be September 16.  The Skills Session has not yet been determined.  However, the main speaker at 7:00 pm will be Deb Havens and her sister Lynette Doele.  While sorting through their deceased grandfather's papers, they discovered he had married in Europe and left the bride there when he returned to the US, married, and raised a family here.  Come hear how the sisters conducted research in Europe to determine what happened.
And, lastly, it is membership renewal time.  The KVGS year is July 1 - June 30.  You can renew on the KVGS website, at the next meeting, or with the membership form which was in the June newsletter. Thanks to those of you who have already renewed your membership.
Jan Wright

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