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We serve historians and genealogists who are interested in the Kalamazoo River Valley region - and around the world, too.  Join us!

February '23 KVGS Happenings!

Please join us Monday evening, February 20 for our program “Finding Records to Help Document Your Farming Ancestor,” presented by Lisa S. Gorrell, CG. Until about 1870, farming was the number one occupation in the U.S.  You may have a number of farmers in your family. Come and learn with us.
This event is hybrid (Portage District Library and Zoom). Socializing and refreshments begin at 6:30 pm (PDL). The business meeting and program will begin at 7pm.  Zoom attendees may register in advance through the “EVENTS PAGE” (see registration link under calendar event). We plan to meet by Zoom-only in the unlikely event the library closes due to inclement weather.

Please plan to join us again Monday evening, February 27 for our Skills Session. This month, member Gayle Franklin will talk to us about census records. We will meet on Zoom at 7pm. Zoom attendees may register in advance through the “EVENTS PAGE” (see registration link under calendar event).

Members can expect to receive a meeting reminder and invitation to register for the Zoom meeting a few days before each of the above events.

Lastly, did you miss an earlier program or Skills Session? If so, be sure to check out “RECORDINGS” for a treasure trove of recordings and handouts beginning March 2020 through the present. Remember to log in as a member, first.

Enjoy your genealogical journey!

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