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Welcome Surname Researchers!

A great tool in the genealogist's toolbox is the ability to network with others and research the same family lines. The Surname Research List displays family surnames being researched by Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society (KVGS) members. Only members can add surnames, but members and non-members can contact members to obtain or share information on a specific surname.
How to Use the Surname Research List to Collaborate with a Member
(For Members and Non-Members)
Click the Surname Research List tab to obtain or share information on a specific surname. A search box allows you to search for a particular surname or browse the database to see what is available. If you wish to view additional details on a surname, click the View Details icon (eyeball) in the Action column.
To contact the associated member, click the Email Inquiry icon (envelope with a question mark). Enter your name and email address in the respective from-sender boxes. Check the validation box and enter the number displayed in the validation field. Type your message and hit Send Email. If the member researcher chooses to respond, you will receive an email reply.

How to Add and Edit Surnames on the Surname Research List
(For Members Only)
The surnames you enter will be displayed under the Surname tab in your members profile. Sign into the website with your username and passwordClick on the Members tab. Click on Profile. Click on the Surnames tab. Click on the + sign. Complete the fields and save. Click the pencil beside an entry to edit it. You may also click HERE to proceed to your Member Profile if you have already logged in.
TIP: If your surname is associated with different locations, create an entry for each area, state, or region.
If someone wants to connect with you and share information, their Email will be routed to the Email in your membership profile, but they WILL NOT see your email address or your name. You can choose whether to respond to the inquiry.