Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society
Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society -- Kalamazoo, MI

Mission Statement

  • Fosters genealogical interest and activities in southwestern Michigan;
  • Provides education in genealogical research techniques;
  • Publishes and make available genealogical materials; and
  • Works to ensure access to and the preservation of public records.

Operating Year: July 2024 - June 2025

President: Pamela S. Cassino
Vice-President / Program Chair: James Jackson
Secretary: Linda Hull
Treasurer: Rob Servis
Past President: Janet V. Wright
Trustee: Beverly Grambau
Trustee: Claire Johnson
Committees and Delegates
County Clerk Office Volunteer: Wayne H. Loney
Membership: Carol Baker
MI Genealogical Council Del.: Mary Purchase
MI Genealogical Council Del.: Claire Johnson
Newsletter: Margaret Russell
Nominating: David Brayton
Nominating: Gayle Franklin
Publicity / Social Media: Gayle Franklin
Refreshments/Hosptality: Terry VanZoest
Research Services: Wayne H. Loney
Website: Beverly Grambau


GENERAL MEETINGS are held the third Monday of each month except December, July, and August in person and on the Zoom platform beginning September 2020.  See the Events Page for more details.
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS meet monthly at times and locations decided upon by their members.  Currently there is a user group for Family Tree Maker software users, a MI Pioneer Certificate group, and two writers groups.  All interest groups are meeting either on Zoom or by email.  Contact info@mikvgs.org if you have questions about interest groups.
BOARD MEETINGS  are held the first Monday of the month on the Zoom platform.  Members are welcome to attend Board Meetings, even virtual ones. See the Events Page for meeting details or email info@mikvgs.org to be added to the email invitation list for Zoom board meetings..
https://www.facebook.com/mikvgs.org/  FACEBOOK lists upcoming meetings and special events.